We are the team behind Goo Create. Our tools, tech and people power the future of digital marketing.

Below are a few of our formats, templates and campaigns.


Using our in-house production tools we created a series of dramatic scenes that capture the excitement of World Cup football. Fans all over the world agreed and rewarded us with an Average Engagement Time during the campaign of a whopping 1:38 minutes! Experience the campaign at riskeverything.nike.com and get a peak behind the scenes at www.artcopycode.com/campaign/nike

Ad Cube

Engage a wider audience with the Ad Cube, a 3D banner format optimized for all devices.


To show our love for the OFFF festival we made the Skazka project in cooperation with The Mill +. It's a blend of motion capture, visual effects and motion graphics - all mixed up on the web using the power of WebGL and our tech. Experience it at studio.gootechnologies.com/skazka

Bling City

The Swedish online casino Bling City wanted to launch with a bang and did so by running the world's first Rich 3D ad on the largest news site in the Nordics, Aftonbladet.se. The campaign performed an impressive 5-6 times higher click through rate than that of a standard top banner on the site. Experience the campaign at www.aftonbladet.se/template/sidmallar/?partner=test84

Goon's Quest - A Tech Showcase

Our very own Goon mascot is featured in the showcase game Goon's Quest. Try the game at www.goocreate.com/goons-quest and see how we used game assets in an ad for the game at www.hoodboard.se.


Don't believe in the amazing power of WebGL yet? Then experience the Videosphere!

iPhone 6 / iOS8

Starting with iOS8 the power of WebGL is unleashed upon the unsuspecting Apple users of the world. To celebrate how beautifully our tech works on the latest iPhones we put this little gem of a demo together. Best experienced on an iPhone!