Things You Need to Know Before Starting Architecture School

Whenever we try something new, we often get surprised by all the things that we were not ready for. Moving places or attempting to learn a new subject, can be problematic if one is not prepared.

Architecture is a big topic to handle for anybody not immersed in the world of architecture. Starting architecture school is a big change for most people. Here is what you should know if you want to start learning architecture formally.

Mathematics Are a Must

Architecture is not just about drawing lines, it is about knowing the math and making sure that the lines you draw are structurally sound and can be implemented in the real world without causing danger to anybody.

This is one of the reasons why architecture takes so long to learn formally. There is a lot of responsibility involved. Mathematics can help any architect and will be one of the many subjects that an architect will have to learn and even master.

The sooner this is accepted, the better. Mathematics is not just an exam to be passed, but an essential tool.

Working Hard and Being Patient

Studying architecture at a university can last anywhere between 5 and 8 years, depending on what one wants to learn and whether they want to specialize. With that, any aspiring architect should know that the path is really hard and requires a lot of patience. 

It also requires a lot of hard work and time. There will be many hours spent by screens and paper. 

Architecture also doesn’t tolerate errors, which is why it is hard to deal with. Small mistakes are often huge ones in architecture, and this is where patience and hard work come handy. There will be many failed projects, which is why it is important to keep working.

Creativity Comes After

Once the basics are mastered, then comes the creative process of making your own designs. Typically speaking, aspiring architects often work on other people’s designs until they get a license, not to mention while they are in school.

However, creativity is a large part of architecture and will be tested in schools, as well. This is the fun side of architecture, the process of leaving your own “stamp” on a project.

Internships and More Hardships

Architecture requires students to do internships after they get a degree. Internships last around five months and are a requirement for obtaining a license. A license allows an architect to work for one of the companies or start their own business.

However, the job of an architect is difficult and requires a lot of attention to detail. It is also a job that, while being lucrative, is not an easy road to riches, just like all other jobs.

Starting architecture school can be difficult but with the right information, it doesn’t have to be.


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