Graphic Design Trends for 2022 – Get Trendy

Graphic Design Trends for 2022 – Get Trendy

It is often good to get ahead of the curve and beat the competition. In business and in life, surprising someone has plenty of benefits. Speaking of business and personal pleasure, art can play an important role in both. Business is often driven by good graphic design, which is why some companies pay millions for a logo design. 

2022 is upon us and with that in mind, there are new graphic design trends on the horizon. Following are some of the trends that you should pay attention to if you want to improve your design or get ahead of everybody else.

Inclusivity is Key

Being inclusive is all the jazz and has been for a while. From TV shows to movies changing their excellent scripts, based on books, even to influencer videos and marketing, inclusivity has been a key component of both design and attitude.

This is a great thing, of course, but when used when appropriate. Inclusivity for the sake of being trendy is not a good approach, and will be spotted from a space shuttle. Consider how and where you can implement inclusivity in your design. If it can be implicit, then it can be even more powerful.

Serif Fonts – Typography is Always Important

Typography has always been a major design point when looking at companies and their approach to marketing and branding. When you see a font used by your favorite company, you immediately know who made the product.

Serif fonts have small lines at the end of some letters, and they weren’t that trendy in 2021. However, hand-written fonts are more likely to make a return, with designers finding ways of making them work. Get ahead of everybody else and try a serif font.

Customized Design

Standardized design might be helpful, but it is standardized. It says nothing about your brand except that you abide by some design trends and rules that are considered most appropriate. Having your own design and visuals is important, because it sets you apart from others. 

Hand-Drawn Design

The precision of a machine is great, when you are producing parts for cars, amplifiers, computer parts and so on and so forth. Machine precision can be great in art, but with today’s tools, we are a bit tired from it. 

Hand-drawn art is something we miss from the early days of comic books and especially, cartoons. Just remember old Hanna-Barbera cartoons and you will get the idea. Make sure that the artist has a steady hand. Some straight lines are necessary.

Trends come and go and 2022 should have the following graphic design trends. They will not be the only ones so pay attention to the major players in the business.


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