The Dos and Don’ts of Architectural Rendering

The Dos and Don’ts of Architectural Rendering

When making a render, you want to do the best job possible. This often means putting in the extra work, doing everything slowly and trying your best at all times. It also means lots of nights without sleep and extra caffeine. It means using the right tools to get the job done. Yet, some people still run into issues here and there, some more severe than others. In order to avoid these issues, one needs to either run into them in the first place, or read a guide on which things to avoid. We recommend the latter, thus you should continue reading.

Practice Makes Perfect

The issue we keep seeing the most is people getting frustrated that their work isn’t perfect. Nobody gets their job perfect on the first try, not even professionals.

Making mistakes is how you improve and what gives you the necessary focus to get the job done. Being frustrated about making mistakes only keeps you from practicing and doing a better job. Instead, using your energy to make your project better and later focusing on the things which made it difficult is the way to do things. Make sure that you keep your eyes on the things that you are doing, especially when emotions start popping up.

Avoid Making the Same Things

When designing a building, for example, unless you are doing it as a specific project for a company, you should work on making new buildings and designs. Doing everything the same way will hinder your progress. Being lazy and complacent is not something we can recommend, in any field of work. In architecture, you should look at Pinterest or other similar sites if you lack inspiration. You can also look at other people’s designs if you want to learn new things. It is like music, you listen to new artists and adopt some of their intricacies and details, expanding your tool set.

Avoid Using the Same Software

The world of software rendering has so many applications you can try. Whether you opt for any of Autodesk’s solutions, you won’t go wrong.

But, that should not be a limiting factor, rather one which encourages you to try more and learn more. Blender, Rhino, SketchUp, there are so many programs which can bring out more out of you.

Travel – Even a Walk Around the Neighborhood

Yes, traveling to Rome or Greece or any city with inspirational architecture is recommended. For most people who keep constantly working, that is impossible. Having regular breaks is recommended, in any line of work. You need to go outside and breathe some fresh air, walk around and not think about your work. When rested up, people find it easier to come back to work and perform better, even.

Like with any line of work, being creative about the way you approach things is recommended. You should also consider taking regular breaks and freshening up. Find inspiration and don’t stick to the same tools you have been using.


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