Greatest Casino Buildings Around the World

Greatest Casino Buildings Around the World

Gambling has been around for decades and it is still one of the most popular hobbies or forms of entertainment. However, it’s not only entertaining because of the games the whole setting or interior plays a crucial role. Just like チェリーカジノボーナスコード or bonus codes that improve the overall online user experience, so does a land-based casino interior help us feel better while we play games.  

Of course, some of these buildings are more aesthetically pleasing compared to others. As a result, they become very famous among the gambling community. Here we will go over some of the greatest casino buildings around the world.  

The Venetian – Macau

China is known for its strict views on almost any form of gambling. However, those do not apply to Macau, one of the biggest gambling markets in China and the whole world. Here you can find multiple establishments that just look incredible. The Venetian is actually the largest casino on the globe and it can easily compare with the institutions that are in Las Vegas. 

There are 500 tables and more than 3,000 slot machines here. The resort also imitates Venice and offers gondola rides to its guests. Yes, it’s that massive, more than 50 acres.   

Casino de Monte Carlo – Monte Carlo

You can already guess where this casino is located. This is actually one of the first casinos ever established as it was inaugurated back in 1863. Inside you will actually see portraits of celebrities and royal family members who visited Casino de Monte Carlo. 

The Bellagio – Las Vegas

It’s hard to pick one out of all of the resorts that are in Las Vegas, but Bellagio stands out in a way. You can find a famous dancing fountain here, and see how water moves in sync with the background music. It is surrounded by an 8-acre lake and looks really luxurious. Movie producers agree that this is one of the best casinos in the world, after all, Ocean’s Eleven was filmed here. There are more than 2000 slot machines here and jackpots go as high as 2 million dollars. Even if it was opened in 1998, many consider this to be a symbol of Las Vegas. 

Crown Casino – Melbourne

Standing at the top of the banks of the Giara river, Crown Casino is the largest gambling establishment in this part of the world. It was opened in 1997 and it offered all of the famous casino games at that time. Moreover, players could play Pai Gow here, which is a domino-like game from China, and it’s not available in other casinos. It is also among the first casinos that added an electronic roulette.

The Hippodrome Casino – London

This is the biggest casino building in London, and it’s still relatively young. There are 45 casino games, with a wide array of different slot machines. It’s among the best casinos in Europe, so if you ever find yourself in London make sure you pay it a visit. 


There are lots of other casinos, in Germany, Canada, France, and all over the US. It’s hard to pick which ones deserve to be on the list since all of them look spectacular and are some of the main tourist attractions.


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