5 Amazing Athlete Homes

5 Amazing Athlete Homes

People can be very interesting. Some people more than others. People have various hobbies and some people turn their hobbies into a way of life. For example, there are punters who enjoy betting on sports and then end up being professional bettors. Some punters bet online, preferring sportsbooks which reward new and upcoming users with promo codes like this Betfair promo code.

But, even punters need sports in order to be able to bet on something. Athletes can earn a lot of money. We have heard stories of salaries that exceed 100 million dollars, annually. Some of these athletes have amazing homes. 

Following are some of those homes, in no particular order.

Michael Jordan – An Amazing House – Metropolis

Michael Jordan has a property in Chicago which is about as large as possible, with two basketball courts, what appears to be a baseball field and a golf course, a playground and many, many rooms. The asking price for his house is extremely large, around 29 million dollars. There was a rumor that he tried selling the place but that nobody would buy it. That is bound to happen when you make a property to your own taste, but then make it extremely, unnecessarily large and expensive.

Joe Montana – A House on a Hill

Everybody dreams of having a house on a hill, overlooking everything. Well, Joe Montana does not have to dream, he has a house, or rather a huge property on a hill overlooking California. His house is really expensive, and not just the house part. He has a pool, of course, but also equestrian stables, multiple ones. He also has a skeet shooting range, among other things which do not need to be mentioned, because they would appear casual in comparison.

David Beckham – The Expensive Heart of London

Everybody who has ever heard of football has heard of David Beckham, the star player of England and for most of his career, Manchester United. He has a very expensive mansion in the center of London, built at some point in the 1880s. The mansion’s initial price was 39 million dollars, but they are in the process of investing even more money into the mansion, simply due to the necessary renovations. The prices are seven figures, of course. The mansion is much more ordinary looking compared to some of the other properties, particularly the already mentioned ones.

Tiger Woods – Wealthy Beyond Reason

These homes are somewhat expensive, but the home of Tiger Woods costs around 65 million dollars. It is located in a very expensive area called Jupiter Island, located in Florida. Following his divorce, Tiger Woods decided to renovate and redecorate his home, to make it into an even more interesting and expensive place to live. Golfers are very rich, at least some of them are.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. – Why Bother at This Point?

Floyd Mayweather is very quick to show everybody how rich he is. He basically poses with money on every possible occasion. His mansion has its own Instagram account and is used to show people a collection of very expensive supercars he almost never drives. If you want to see something ridiculous, look up Floyd Mayweather and his accounts on Instagram.

Star athletes earn a lot of money and they are quick to spend such money on things like mansions. These have been some of such examples, of athletes and their really expensive properties.


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