The Best Software for Architects

The Best Software for Architects

Architects used to work on large paper rolls which required multiple people to work on different parts, in order for a blueprint to be comprehensive and cohesive. Today, a single person can do the work, on a tablet in their arms, or sitting comfortably in their chairs. That is the point of advancement and technology. Finding new ways of making things easier is the only way of advancing our future, whether it is by simply entertaining ourselves with using the CasinoEuro bonus code or by creating an entire weekly management plan both for private and business purposes.

Architects rely on software and practice to create renders and drawings, today more than ever. Practice makes an architect, as anybody else, better. Well, the tools also help. Knowing which tools to choose is the best way of starting your architectural journey. Here are the tools to consider.


AutoCAD has been around since 1982. This is an amazing piece of software which can be used to make professional designs and has been for a long time. It has evolved in the last 38 years and is often considered a starting point for architecture students. But it is much more than a tool to be used by students, as many professionals still use it to this day to create professional renders. 


Blender is an open source software available to everyone for free. This program is used by a lot of professionals, as well as newcomers, who are drawn in by its price, meaning no price. It is among the more popular tools, and therefore has plenty of tutorials online. It is not an easy tool to learn, but it is one of the best once mastered, which says a lot, given that it is free. It is also optimized and makes great use of all available hardware, namely the CPU thread count. It is often used both as a benchmark to test new processors and their ability to 3D render, as well as to create professional renders.


Some would disagree whether V-Ray is actually a program. Given that it is a plugin, people often have debates about it.

It doesn’t matter, because it is very useful, no matter whether you use it with ArchiCAD or SketchUp. It is widely regarded as one of the best tools for 3D rendering, whether for architecture purposes or otherwise. 


Autodesk software seems to dominate the 3D and 2D world of architecture, and rightfully so. They were the first to the party and the ones who keep trying to innovate the most. Given that you can integrate V-Ray into ArchiCAD, it makes an already powerful tool even better. It is great for both 2D and 3D design.

This is the best software you can use as an architect to design both 2D and 3D images. Browse around for more if these don’t suit you, there is plenty of great software out there.


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