Graphic Design in the Entertainment Industry

Design is important. Most websites use it, clothes use it, anything needs good design. Graphic design is a good career choice today and will be in the future, because an artistic approach to things is necessary, from brand logos to sites, to even fundraisers and charity events. 

The Met Gala, for example, does a good job of combining various industries. Fashion, film, music and sport combined together, to make a mix worthy of anybody’s taste.

Graphic design is nowadays present everywhere in the world, but especially in the entertainment industry. Here is how graphic design is helping the entertainment industry.

Graphic Design in General

Graphic design includes all sorts of visual design which is supposed to convey a message. Professionals work to make sure that a certain message is conveyed properly. A poorly designed site cannot tell the story it is supposed to and customers will be turned away and not see the product in the right light.

The same goes for any other type of visual advertisement, whether that is a logo, a billboard. Now, here is how graphic design ties to the entertainment industry.

Graphic Design With Movies

Movies and TV shows are one of the largest customers for graphic design. Movies and TV shows sell well. The more viewers a service has, the more views a TV show or movie has, the better for the studio and everyone involved. That being said, graphic design plays a role in making movies look better. A set needs to be designed, props need to be made, costumes and everything needs to look good. A graphic designer can use their knowledge to make all of these things more appropriate. 

Graphic design in movies also includes poster and advertisement design, of course. 

Graphic Design in the Music Industry

The music industry always has space for graphic designers, albeit not as much as other visual-oriented industries. Album cover arts need design. Logos need to be designed, not to mention sets for music videos, should there be a music video. 

There is always a need for a merchandise designer, because why not spread your brand name through clothes? That’s a normal business development procedure. Finally, if there are animated music videos, a graphic designer could help with those, as well.

Graphic Design in Video Games

This one should be simple enough to guess. Video games are 99% visual. With that, there is always a need for good graphic design, whether for the overall art direction, level design, specific parts of a level, and so on and so forth. Video games, being primarily visual, will always have room for people who work with graphic design. From mobile games to AAA titles, the life of a graphic designer is safe while video games are around.

Graphic design plays a huge role in the entertainment industry. As long as there is music to be made, music videos, video games, there will always be a place for graphic designers. If you are considering finding a job as a designer, don’t worry, but rather, start working on that CV.


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